Vision Media Management was born from an entrepreneurial mindset, working to be innovative and responsive. Our legacy with Deluxe Entertainment has expanded our global footprint, enabling us to support distribution around the world; we are excited about our continued strategic alliance with Deluxe.

Welcome to Vision Media Management!

Vision Media Management has grown over the past 30 years to become the industry’s premier marketing and consumer products fulfillment company. We are experts in executing the most complex marketing programs on behalf of our clients, who include major television networks, movie studios, theatrical exhibitors and high profile non-entertainment industry companies, each with unique needs, requirements and deadlines. Vision Media Management leads the industry with cutting edge technology solutions. From B2B & B2C web portals to our multimedia apps, we put no limitations on the way our clients choose to bring their products to market.

Our multi location warehouse footprint was designed with our customers’ specific needs in mind. Our state of the art fulfillment and logistics systems provide responsive project execution, assuring accuracy and timeliness. Efficient processes and procedures offer extraordinary economies without compromising quality or service. With Vision Media Management, you get unmatched expertise, world-class services and a single vendor relationship-which means you can count on project success.

Vision Services

Warehousing and Storage

Vision’s facilities store and manage millions of unique items including movie set props, theatrical standees and many other items used to market movies, television shows and consumer products every day.

Fulfillment Services

Vision has the expertise, flexibility and scalability to meet customer deadlines with speed, accuracy and the highest levels of service.


The combination of Vision’s web-based tools and software development team provides content owners with multiple options for storage and distribution of their physical and digital assets.

Consumer Products

Vision’s Consumer Products Division provides a full array of services including, E‑Commerce, catalogue and direct response turnkey order fulfillment services.